Success Aviation

5th Annual Deep Fried Turkey Party

November 26, 2002

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Jessica, Paul and Elmer


Jessica trys her first bite of Deep Fried Turkey

Elmer and Tom

Jeff and Nathan

Adam Brown and Mom

Marcel, Bob and Elenor

Paul and his wife.

Jenifer and Jessica checking out the food.

Greg and Cindy

Time to eat.

Lee and his wife.

Terry and Elmer, a cooking pair.

Ted and Russ and his wife.

Steve looking for food.

Even the "Little Pilots' came out and partied.

Jennifer finally got out from behind the camera.

Stacey, Jessica and Adam

Adam and his family enjoying the food.

Bill and Mike finding some leftovers in the kitchen.

Marcel getting ready to enjoy some dinner.

Another happy table at the party.

Another little pilot having a great time at the party.

Jessica doing a great job of holding up the wall. It was a long day.

Thank you for you help Jessica!

Everyone having fun.

Stacey and Jessica

Jerri and crowd enjoying the meal.

Little Pilots around the tree.

Dick, Adam, Stacey, Scott and Ted

Adam and his mom.

Charlie showing off the airplane to Stacy

The Zenith with some cool lighting.

Looking in from the hangar.

Charlie and the staff at Texas Events did a great job of decorating.

The last few people winding down the party.

I think everyone is looking relaxed.

Just about time to start the cleanup.

From the staff at Success Aviation, Thank you all for coming.

Jessica, Tom, Jenifer and Stacey