Welcome to Success Aviation's Web Site.  We hope this page will be both fun and informative.  We have several pages and try to update them frequently, so check them all out.  
We are located at Houston Southwest Airport, in Arcola, TX.  Our mission is to provide you with the best possible mix of quality and well maintained aircraft, expert flight instruction and a great selection of pilot supplies.  We also want to make your learning and flying experiences as fun as possible.  
We have started using an online schedule. If you need a username and password, contact Tom at (281) 431-4040.
NEW August 2002
Our new Pilot Shop in the main terminal at Houston Southwest is open.  Watch for our official grand opening, but don't wait until then to stop by.
Our new Private and Instrument grounds school are in full swing.  You can start these classes at any time, so check out the schedule and come out.

The September Safety Meeting will be a PACE program.  It is on September 7.  The PACE starts at 8:00 and goes all day.  Breakfast will also start at 8:00 and the Safety Meeting will be at 10:00.  The topic is "Engine Motor Monitoring" and will be presented by Paul Downs of the FAA.  The seminar will give you tips on monitoring your engine so that you can keep running at peak performance.
Ground School Schedule
Success aviation is now offering ground school in our new classroom, click the link below for a more detailed schedual.
FAA Safety Meetings
Success Aviation is now hosting FAA Safety Meetings.  Our next meeting will be Dec. 7 , 2002. The speaker will be Howard Davenport from the Houston FSDO.  The topic will be "Preparing for the Practical Test and Current Regulations".  We will have a Pancake Breakfast starting at 9:00 and Safety Meeting at 10:00.

Job Mongare- Private Pilot Rating - November 5, 2002
Jacob Brown- Private Pilot Rating - August 23, 2002
John Meier - Private Pilot Rating - August 1, 2002
Mike Thesing - Private Pilot Rating - July 31, 2002
Job Mongare - First Solo - July 10, 2002
JT Underwood - Private Pilot Rating - June 30, 2002
Charlie Litchfield - First Solo - June 29, 2002
Clyde Berry - First Solo - June 11, 2002
Jacob Brown - First Solo - June 3, 2002
Brian Nail - Private Pilot Rating - May 15, 2002
Mark Stalcup - Private Pilot Rating - May 15, 2002
Vareen Cunningham - Private Pilot Rating - May 8, 2002
Reagan Brown - Private Pilot Rating - April 20, 2002
Dave Cunningham - Private Pilot Rating - April 4, 2002


Jenifer Pekar Chief Flight Instructor at Success Aviation